Business Tax Services

Owners and executives rely on Brody & Associates to help structure their business ventures and transactions in order to attain tax advantages, asset protection and the best overall financial results.

The new tax laws, per the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act & 2020 CARES Act, can provide substantial savings, especially if proper elections are utilized and certain restructuring implemented.

  • Qualified Business Income (IRC Section 199A) for the 20% deduction with aggregation abilities
  • Interest Expense limitations with elections are analyzed (IRC Section 163(j))
  • Carried/Promote interest advanced waterfall distributions are integrated with your Operating Agreement, including the new 3-year interest disposition planning
  • Bonus Deprecation in conjunction with Cost Segregation Studies
  • FICA tax savings with entity structures

These are several advanced tax planning strategies you should derive increased benefits.

In summary, our involvement is instrumental in all phases of your business evolution, from inception to maturity, and ultimate disposition. Our team’s assistance extends to working with attorneys, bankers and other professionals to achieve your goals and objectives.