Cost Segregation Group

Our Cost Segregation Group consists of dedicated engineers and appraisers that apply accepted industry standards with substantial authority to bifurcate building and property acquisitions into the proper asset components, in accordance with IRC Section 1060 (building, land improvements, furniture/fixtures and equipment.)

These allocations to the various IRS asset classes allow for the new 100% bonus depreciation, including accelerated depreciation; thereby, substantially reducing taxable income. For buildings that were acquired years ago without a Cost Segregation Study, the IRS allows for an automatic change to correct the previous method of accounting, plus a catch-up in accordance with IRC Section 481 on missed cumulative depreciation expense (a tremendous current year tax benefit.)

Today with the new bonus depreciation laws effective on 9/27/17, including retroactive enactment of Qualified Leasehold Improvements (CARES Act), Brody & Associates is positioned to provide significate tax savings to our clients with our advanced integrated Cost Segregation Studies, including special planning when such assets are sold.